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 . . . communicated in an elementary way until greater understanding of terms and concepts can be gleaned, is the goal with each and every student.  I have done my job if the student can say "yes" after the lesson to the following questions: 

  • Do you feel you've learned?  

  • Do you feel you've improved?  

  • Did you see a positive difference in your ball flight?  


"Thanks Brett, I too enjoyed yesterday and look forward to many more tomorrows with you as I also am in a 'learning' environment based on your incredible background."

- Art Maffei, Aerospace Engineer

"Brett, Thank you Thank you Thank you. I haven't hit the ball in a long time like I did today. I hit so many solid shots from the tee and from the fairway. Most importantly I held it for 18 holes...What I'm most  excited about was the return of the distance I lost. It was so comforting to be able to key to certain swing thoughts we worked on and to make corrections right after a less than ideal swing." 

- Marshall B.

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